Calculated Relentlessness: The Dogma of Liechtenauer's Kunst Des Fechtens | Joseph Brassey

Joseph Brassey || Grit City HEMA || Tacoma, WA

One of the things that makes Liechtenauer's system unique is that beyond the individual techniques and strategies is an underlying dogma on how its practitioners should strategically approach the fight to begin with. This dogma suffuses every aspect of the texts, advocating an assertive, energetic, calculated relentlessness that disdains purely defensive actions in favor of commanding the center and protecting oneself through pro-active attacks that contain implicit defenses. This class will combine an overview of key aspects of the system, showcasing where these principles are explicit, and seeking to tie together the different parts to show what makes the system and its mindset unique.

Minimum Gear: Mask, Gorget, gloves, and elbows/knees. Sword (blunt or feder). Steel preferred.