Introduction to Italian Rapier: Part 1 (Single Rapier) | Shawn Fackler

Shawn Fackler || Loyal Order of the Sword || Portland, OR

The main objective of this first workshop is to educate and familiarize participants with the basics of Italian rapier combat. We will survey the popular Italian masters (e.g., Agrippa, Capo Ferro, Giganti, Fabris, etc.), examine various rapier blades used in HEMA to understand the different techniques and styles associated with the blade types, and then move onto practical instruction covering the principles of rapier fencing.

This workshop includes a seminar-style workbook that each student will be able to use for the workshop and take home. No experience is necessary.

Gear Requirements: Mask, gorget, gloves
Suggested Gear: fencing jacket or gambeson, rapier (limited loaners available)