Lashkroba - Further Lessons in Georgian Sword and Buckler | Mike Cherba

Mike Cherba || NW Armizare || Sherwood, OR

Last year's class on Georgian Sword and buckler introduced the style through the lens of the work "Parikaoba" by Elashvili.  This year's class will briefly review the primary guard and strike mechanic, and then move on to the use of combinations and the thrust.  Specifically we'll be looking at three main concepts.  

  • The attacks into the lower body, how to make them, how to cover against them, and how to open an opponent up to them.
  • The thrust, Elashvili ignores it.  Where do we put it back in when building on his text?
  • Opening up the forearms and elbows to a strike.

Gear: we will require mask, sword, and buckler. (in a pinch a singlestick, sans hilt will work as a sword)  As before, swords with short crosses or no cross are preferred.