Part 1: Regressions & Progressions: breaking down and leveling up

Kimberleigh Roseblade || The Academy of European Medieval Martial Artists || Toronto, Ontario

Basic bodyweight exercises are commonly used in many fitness or martial arts training regimens; squats, push ups, sit-ups, lunges and the plank are all frequently employed exercises. These exercises are easy to learn and are able to be done nearly anywhere as they require no equipment. However, many individuals are physically incapable of performing these exercises. Previous injuries, a general lack of mobility, underdeveloped strength, a sedentary lifestyle or simply starting out in an exercise routine can all prevent one’s full engagement with these basic actions. The question is then, how can we break down and adapt, or change, these exercises to suit fitness and body restrictions while targeting the same muscles and emulating the same movements of the original exercise?

In this workshop, we will take a look at the four roles skeletal muscles play in exercise. We will then explore common barriers that can prevent people from being able to perform them. We’ll look at different ways in which these exercises can be changed or scaled back in order to work around these challenges, all the while still building strength and flexibility . We will also look at how practitioners can build more challenging exercises, gain more confidence and encourage the continued growth of strength and flexibility. Whether you need to scale things back as your body learns and heals, or if you’re looking for ways to further challenge yourself, this workshop is suitable for people of all fitness levels and experience.

Equipment: none