Protecting your Lily-White Honor - Italian Dueling Codes | Jim Emmons

Jim Emmons and Natalie Rowland || NW Armizare || Sherwood,OR

Protecting your Lily-White Honor--Late 19th cen. Italian Dueling Codes and the Advice from Military Fencing Masters

This class will examine the sabre portion of dueling codes such as Lt. Gen. Achille Angelini's _Italian Chivalric Code_ (1883) as well as the advice from works like Masaniello Parise's "Fencing on the Ground" (1905) for how best to approach the duel. While there will be discussion of the codes, their prescriptions and parameters, there will also be analysis of what these same codes reveal about how duels were actually fought. Paired with advice from experienced military men, who often fought these duels, and the maestri that taught them how to fence, we'll explore what techniques, attitudes, and approaches best worked for this very restricted, unique form of sabre combat.

Participants will come away from the class, hopefully, with a better appreciation for many of the conventions of sabre as well as techniques for maximizing their chance to strike their opponents and not be struck.

Prerequisites: previous experience in sabre a plus as our workshop will assume basic familiarity with the weapon.

Minimum Gear Requirements: mask, glove, and sabre; jacket is recommended.