The 5x5: A Framework for Tactical Drilling

Jordan Both and Justing Ring || Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly || Vancouver, BC

One of the biggest challenges in martial arts training is bridging the gap between controlled, pre-set drills and plays, and the fluid tactical environment of an actual fight. The 5x5 is a drill framework that teaches fighters to build effective counterattacks and defenses off of their natural flinch reactions, and to move fluidly and confidently under stress.

This workshop will introduce students to the basic version of the 5x5, which covers responses to position changes and advances, unarmed strikes with hands and feet, and common knife and grappling attacks. We’ll use this to build a toolkit of simple counters, and to use those counters to set up more complex follow-ups. Students will learn how to flow from an instinctive flinch to an effective counter, and from there to a fight-ending technique. We’ll finish by showing how to adapt the 5x5 framework to any weapon context, and leave you with a new training method that can enrich your existing training, no matter what art you practice.

Gear: Masks and approved weapon (training knife, dagger, dussack, foam stick)