Armoured Combat Without the Armour : How to Train for Harness Before You Have Any || Mike Cherba

Mike Cherba || NW Armizare || Sherwood, OR USA

Weapons: Longsword, dagger, fencing mask, gambeson/HEMA jacket, appropriate hand protection.

So you’d like to get into armoured fighting.  One problem. Armour is expensive! Fear not! In this workshop we’ll teach you the tricks of how to train for armoured combat before you own any armour, as well as how to begin to acquire armour without breaking the bank, and the best order to acquire your kit in.  We’ll have some armour there for folks to try out as well.

Topics covered will be:

  • What are the biggest differences between fighting armoured and unarmoured?
  • Good sources for armoured technique. (Both Italian and German.)
  • Basic targeting and familiarization drills for half-sword.
  • The primacy of the thrust.
  • Tricks for getting used to limited vision and breathing.
  • Dealing with mobility limitations and adjusting your guards.
  • Acquiring armour: how to start and what order to go in.
  • How to hold an armoured event when not everyone has full or equivalent armour.