Sudanic Broadsword || Da'Mon Stith

Da’Mon Stith || Guild of the Silent Sword || Austin Texas USA

Weapons: Takouba and kaskara

This workshop will explore the use of broadsword in Africa south of the Sahara also known as the Bilad as Sudan. The Sudan was home to many of the great empires, kingdoms, and states that rose and fell from the early 8th century to the 19th cenutry. During this time of trade empires and cavalry states, sword and lance carried the day. The most common sword type found in the area was the straight, double edged sword referred to as a takouba in the west and kaskara in the east. We will delve into the traditional use of these swords and their modern applications. Class will cover basic attacks, defense, and footwork as well as unique drills based off of Tuareg and Beja sword dances. This is an introduction into a vast subject with very little written sources but is rich living tradition still in practice.