Vor and Nach, the Source of all Skill || Jessica Finley

Jessica Finley || Ritterkunst Fechtschule || Canton, GA, USA

Weapons: Longswords, Masks, Gorget

“”Vor und nach dy zway ding / sind aller kunst ain ursprinck””  Before and After, these two things, are to all skill a well-spring, says Master Liechtenauer, directing our attention to his tactical framework wherein he advises that one should attack in “”the before”” and how to counter another’s attack in “”the after””.  This extremely simplistic introduction to the idea can be easily misunderstood, so this class will be exploring how Vor and Nach should be used to control the opponent’s options and limit one’s risk in the fight.  We will be studying the concepts of Nachreisen and Ueberlauffen, Ansetzen and Schiessen with the Longsword, focusing on safe entry and exit from each exchange.