Colombian Machete Fencing || Da’Mon Stith

Da’Mon Stith || Guild of the Silent Sword || Austin Texas USA

Weapons: Machete (loaners available)

Gear: Mask, gorget, gloves, arm and leg protection

Esgrima con Machete is a unique system of personal defense created by the enslaved Africans on the west coast of Colombia based off their indigenous fighting arts with possible influences from Spanish fencing. The inhabitants of Cauca were so renowned during the colonial period for their prowess at arms, that many of them used in the brutal battles of independance in Latin America. The art of Esgrima or 'La Grima' for short may laid the seed for other machete fencing arts found in the Caribbean and South America. Although there is a recent resurgence of interest in the art, within the last five years we have lost two maestros of the old guard. Maestro Sandoval is the last of the old guard. Please join us and help to preserve this art from extinction. In this class we explore the traditional movements such as falsos, attack and defense patterns called cruzes, the unique strategy of malicia and the applications of those techniques through light sparring.