Duplieren and the “Outside” Thrust || Jordan Thompson

Jordan Thompson || Lonin || Seattle, WA, USA

Weapons: Longsword simulators (preferably steel though nylon could work in a pinch). Gorgets, Masks are required. Gloves/ Jackets a plus.

This class will focus on the often overlooked “”outside”” techniques, quite unique to the Liechtenauer-inspired sources, where attacks are made behind your opponent’s sword (think the Doubling/ Duplieren).

We will do a brief overview of what these look like for those unfamiliar with the techniques KdF tradition and then examine some various  structure and body mechanics points as well as strategies and set-ups for making these somewhat risky techniques safer and more successful.

By the end, you should leave with some good ideas on how to make this family of techniques a more reliable part of your repertoire, not only for longsword but for any weapon.

Gear: Full kit