English Backsword : A Call to Arms - They’re Almost Here || Nathan Barnett

Nathan Barnett || Lonin || Port Townsend, WA, USA

Weapons: Backswords trainers (steel and plastic) supplemented with singlestick and cutlass trainers. Participants should bring gloves and fencing mask. Nice to also have but not required: gambeson or fencing jacket, vambrace (arm protection), cup (men), plastron (women), knee & elbow protection

In little more than an hour, the enemy will crest that hill.  You have until then to learn to fight with the one weapon you have available: a basket-hilted sword or cutlass. Practical self defense and fencing with sword-in-one-hand (AKA cut-and-thrust sword or broadsword) based upon the work of George Silver (16th C) with an eye to how the system was re-purposed in the 19th Century (Alfred Hutton). We’ll start off with the basics of how to keep your limbs attached and work our way into the offensive and defensive details of this dynamic fighting system. Watch for an opportunity to field test what you’ve learned at Sunday’s single stick tournament.