Fighting with I.33 Sword and Buckler || Alex Hanning

Alex Hanning || Lonin || Seattle, WA, USA

Weapons: Arming sword (or messer etc) + Buckler

This class will focus on a number of crucial and underused aspects of the i.33 fight that will be trained against random fast feeds:

  • Krucke, and its advantages over Halbshield
  • Priest’s Special Longpoint
  • Durchtreten
  • So you want to be a “”common”” fighter. Useful tricks to turn up the difficulty of your feed when coaching i.33
  • Quirks of waiting, vs entering, the timing of gaining a bind. And from there, the biggest mistake that everyone doing i.33 makes!

The second class will start with a warm up practice of a couple of the Session 1’s paired exercises. We will examine entering into the bind based on asymmetric competitive games that bring out a number of the plays from the text (with occasional detours to describe alternate interpretations currently in circulation).  

Requirements: Arming sword, mask, gorget, groin, elbow and decent sword hand protection, moderate buckler hand protection.