Fiore’s Abrazare - All the Things You’re Not Allowed to do in a Ringen Competition || Patrick McCaffrey

Patrick McCaffrey || L’Arte Della Bellica || Kutztown, PA, USA

Weapons: Grappling

Fiore has an entire section on Grappling, but why don’t we see more of it being performed in competition? Mostly because he intends for it to be injurious! Here’s what Fiore has to say on the matter: “”I will begin with grappling, of which there are two types: grappling for fun, or grappling in earnest, by which I mean mortal combat, where you need to employ all the cunning, deceit and viciousness you can muster. My focus is on mortal combat, and on showing you step by step how to gain and defend against the most common holds when you are fighting for your life.””

For this workshop, we will look at the Pictures and the Text of the Abrazare section, and demonstrate how we interpret them to be used, how we can modify them to be safer for competition, and practice them to a safe completion.