Indes is a Sharp Word || Jessica Finley

Jessica Finley || Ritterkunst Fechtschule || Canton, GA, USA

Weapons: Longswords, Masks, Gorget

“”Dass fulen lere / Inndes das wort schneidet sere””  Learn the feeling, the word Instantly slices sharply, says Master Liechtenauer.  With this enigmatic instruction, he introduces us to the intertwined ideas of Indes and Fuehlen, which are the key to understanding the art of fighting.  In this class we will be exploring some of the techniques specifically described as Indes: Duplieren and Mutieren, Durchwechseln and Durchlauffen. These actions happen during the opponent’s action, which makes them exceedingly useful, yet quite dangerous if used without understanding the opponent’s intention.  We will be focusing on how to feel this intention and use the between-time to successfully execute our attacks.