Lashkroba 2 : Now with Sticks and Daggers! || Mike Cherba

Mike Cherba || NW Armizare || Sherwood, OR USA

Weapons: Buckler, straight single handed sword with a short cross, dagger and or 2-3 foot long 1””-1.25”” diameter stick, mask, hand protection, and jacket

This workshop will dive into the basics of Georgian sword and buckler.  We’ll cover the guards and striking mechanic, with an emphasis on the difference between the hands together guards and the profiled guards. Next, we will add in a stick or dagger held in the buckler hand and explore how it changes sword and buckler play.  We’ll finish with a series of combination drills designed to highlight and emphasize the unique features of the Georgian system. Our goal is to give participants all the tools they need to go home and keep practicing this unique system of sword and buckler.  If time allows, we will also discuss/demonstrate the use of improvised bucklers in the Khevsur style.