Lietchy & Liberi : Exploring Different Perspectives of the Bind || Kimberleigh Roseblade and Joseph Brassey

Kimberleigh Roseblade and Joseph Brassey || Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts & Grit-City HEMA || Toronto, Ontario, Canada & Tacoma, Washington, USA

Weapons: * Longsword * Fencing Mask * Gorget * Optional: your favorite Fiore smack-talk quote, or Liechtenauer insult

On a windy night, in the town of Innsbruck, in Western Austria, travelers seek shelter from the road in a cozy tavern with a roaring fireplace and the scent of sizzling meat.  An Italian named Fiore di Liberi saunters up to the bar and gets himself a jug of wine and settles down upon a seat. Shortly after, a German traveler named Johannes Liechtenauer comes up to the bar to order a beer.  As the German reaches for his stein, he accidentally knocks the Italian’s wine over. The German apologises profusely but the Italian just can’t stand to let the matter go. Disgusted, Fiore bites his thumb at the German, glaring.  Liechtenauer breathes deep and speaks: “do you wish to draw blades and settle this matter outside?”

The Italian smirks: “You, confused one, will be spread on the ground in sadness and disorder.  You don’t even wanna try.”

The German grins as he looks the Italian up and down.  “You cannot fight even half as well as you can boast. If our blades were to cross I would feel sorry for you as you would become ashamed with the War above…. And below.”

Fiore’s eyes turn to slits: “ With talk like that, I will make you kiss the ground with your mouth.”

Both swordsman stalk out into the cold winter air, drawing their longswords…..

----- END SCENE -----

In this workshop, participants will be working from different plays in the bind.  Depending on the distance, or the pressures within the meeting different plays become available to you.  Students will get to look at the different- and sometimes very similar- ways Fiore and Liechtenauer approach these different moments when fencing with the longsword.  

Will this end the age old debate of whose system is superior?  Nah! It will, however, showcase that at the end of the day, when looking at any fencing or martial system, you will constantly find similar truths regarding the way bodies and blades move- and the way leverage and control are used.  And it’s gonna be hella fun to see what happens when a KdF practitioner in Washington pairs up with a Fiorist from Eastern Canada!