Plastic Mind : Movement, Mindset and Martiality || Jon Mills and Randy Packer

Jon Mills and Randy Packer || Black Dog Strength and Fitness || Vancouver BC

Weapons: Unarmed. 

This workshop will delve deeply into mindset, neuroplasticity, and the way we learn through play to create better fighters. It will challenge people’s understanding of the word “martial” and give teachers drills and games to help their students develop adaptability, problem solving skills and new ways to grow as a fighter that are often missing from martial arts training.

This workshop will be very hands on, and will provide participants a lot of opportunities to uncover and work through their own martial baggage in a safe and somewhat hilarious environment.

  • Games and ideas to use in class to help identify mindset issues in students
  • A better understanding of your own mental blocks
  • An understanding of how martial thinking can be limited
  • Fun.
  • A better understanding of the limitations of binary thinking, and when it can be necessary.