Playing with I.33 Sword and Buckler || Alex Hanning

Alex Hanning || Lonin || Seattle, WA, USA

Weapons: Arming sword (or messer etc) + Buckler

For the first class we will dive straight into asymmetric games that reward you for acting according to i.33 principles. This allows anyone who’s swung a sword a bit to go straight to learning practical fight responses without a lot of talking. Defending and counter-attacking with Halbshield,  improving and winning from the bind. At Lonin, we’ve developed a quick way of understanding the strategies of the system as a whole rather than building up from specific plays. Extra levels of complication can be added to each drill as requested. For those who took this class at Swordsquatch 2016, this is a combination of both sessions’ material. Feel free to repeat (since we’ve learned some new things) or dive straight in to Session 2.

Requirements: Mask, gorget, groin, and decent sword hand protection

Suggested: arming sword and buckler (we have some loaners, though people may need to rotate through the better ones if the class is popular!)