Shotel Ethiopian Sickle Sword || Da’Mon Stith

Da’Mon Stith || Guild of the Silent Sword || Austin Texas USA

Weapons: Shotel -- Ethiopian Sickle Sword + Buckler or Rotella
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Loaners will also be available.

Gear: Mask, Gloves, Gorget. Forearm protection reccomended.

The shotel is the iconic sickle sword of Abyssinia. It features a doubled edged often semicircluar blade that could be used to slash like shamshir or hack and pierce like a sickle or hook. Its origins are shrouded in mystery but some trace its roots to the kingdom of Axum. While other refere elite troops of Emperor Amda Seyon the Bashar Shotel. This weapon was put to brutal use during the battle of Adwa against the invading Italian army. 19th century explorers make reference to shotel being used to hook around shields. In this class we will be exploring the use of the shotel in conjunction with gashaa (shield). We will be using a number of different sources in order to guide our reconstruction.

Knight Camp Ages 5-17 || Amy McIntosh

Amy McIntosh || Dravenriche Sword Fighting School || Santa Clara CA

Weapons: Boffers, foam swords.

Participants will learn a beginners overview of early sword training focusing on a brief history on use of boffers and the waster sword discussing their role in historical sword fighting. Each participant will learn the historical importance of waster training and basic attack and defend drills. We will be playing several sword games such as, capture the flag, and defend the gate to have fun building teamwork, skill, and confidence. This workshop will be at minimum a half hour in duration and can be extended as time and participants allow. Types of games and activities to ensure safety will be changed and adjusted based on participant numbers, age, and skill level.