MS I.33 - Sieges and Wards: What does it all mean? || Anthony Buonomo

Anthony Buonomo || Austin Historical Weapons Guild

Weapons: Sword and Buckler

Not your usual introduction class to MSI.33, this time we'll be laying the groundwork for understanding the (assumed) intentions of the systems. Most people who have looked at the manuscript (and even some that haven't) are aware that I.33 has wards and sieges (or obsessions, whatever) but then mistakenly take this framework and apply some sort of longsword knowledge over the top of it. We'll talk a bit about why this is wrong and what we should be doing instead.
Yes, we will probably review the 7 wards and a siege or two, but I promise we won't go over 'falling under sword and shield' for the thousandth time.

Please come prepared with: a sword-like object you can hold in one hand (shorter is better, Overall Length of 35" or so is great); a buckler; masks and gloves are strongly recommended.