The Eye, The Center, The Line || Tanya Smith

Tanya Smith || Rogue Fencing

Weapons: Sidesword

Have you been told to watch your openings? Do you find yourself getting stabbed in the gut during sword and buckler? This class will build a sense of where your openings are and how to use openings in a proactive way to lure and elicit your opponent’s actions instead of hoping that they’re unseen. This class focuses on one-handed swords with an optional off-hand weapon. We will start with movement and cue-based drilling, then build complexity with drills to help improve awareness and positioning. By the end of this class, you should have a gambit or two to lure your opponent into revealing too much.

Primaily we will be using drills rooted in Bolognese sword and buckler, but any one-handed sword would be acceptable. Mask, gloves required. Jacket and chest protector preferred, so we can scale up intensity.