Fiore's Furious Five: The Foundations of Abrazare || Kimberleigh Roseblade

Kimberleigh Roseblade || The Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts

Weapons: Unarmed

Abrazare is the foundation of Fiore's art. Everything that comes after - from dagger, to longsword, the poleaxe - all has their foundations in Abrazare. In this workshop we will look at the basic guards and footwork used in Fiore's system and explore the first five plays of Abrazare. We will look at how these five plays easily flow from one to the other and we will learn how to recognize when the opportunities to execute them present themselves in the grapple.

This workshop is to beginners- especially those new to Fiore and to abrazare. Those with experience in wrestling, ringen, or glima would do very well in this workshop even if they have no experience with Fiore's unarmed system. Equipment necessary is one's body- which most people have already!