GET ON UP: Hitting the Ground and Surviving to Fight || Jude Ledesma

Jude Ledesma || F3 Sword Academy / Straight Blast Gym

Weapons: Unarmed

Throws and "Grapples" are not necessarily fight enders. And if you're on the receiving end of one of those techniques, they don't need to be.

One of the biggest plusses of HEMA study is the acknowledgment of the importance of wrestling. There are a lot of "living traditions" that fail in this respect. However, even experienced wrestlers lack a way to frame the skills and techniques in the broader context of combat.


Hitting the Ground Safely.
Priorities once Thrown / Survival Strategy.
-- Posture
-- Pressure
-- Possibilities
Getting Back to your feet. Ground Fighting does not necessarily mean staying on the ground.
-- against resisting opponents
-- who are still standing
-- who are also off their feet
-- with and without weapons
Priorities against multiple attackers
A comparison of Modern and Historical sources.
Suggestions for further study.