Hans Medel's Meisterhau: For the Non-Conformists || Kirsten Argyle

Kirsten Argyle || True Edge Academy

Weapons: Longsword

Gloss of the gloss, commentary on commentary, meta of meta! Hans Medel's take on Liechtenauer's Blossfechten is understudied in part because it is incomplete and (likely bigger) part because it seems to fly in the face of the traditional plays of the Master Cuts. Experience a strange world where Ringeck and Psuedo-Danzig's agreed-upon, well-trod technique is the variant or "not as sensible" to Hans.

If you ever wanted your faith in the one true Kunst Des Fechtens tested or never really had any, this class is for you! If you want Master Hans to "build upon and better" your master cuts, this class is for you! If you don't know your KdFs from your Flowers of Battle, this class is for you!