Understanding the Body: The Internal Secrets of Traditional Martial Arts || Maija Soderholm

Maija Soderholm and Dillon Beyer

Weapons: Wooden staffs/swords, pads, shields.

Luo De Xiu, head of the Yizong school of Chinese Internal Arts, said that the most important part of any system is hidden somewhere no one would expect, in the warm ups. Why? Because you do them every time you practice.

This workshop will explain and share a set of exercises that will vastly improve your proprioception, align your structure, so the planet is working for you, and not against you, and will help you practice into old age, by keeping your knees, hips, and spine, healthier.

We will look at the commonalities between the principles found in these exercises in Japanese, Chinese, and European martial practices, and show how these alignment principles can increase power, speed, and agility.