Using Marozzo's Spadone to inform Longsword based tactics, techniques, and concepts || Jan Deneke

Jan Deneke || Tosetti Institute for Mixed Martial Arts

Weapons: (Longsword/Montante)

We will look at Achille Marozzo's third book on the great sword. Specifically, the first assalto. We will look at the most common elements shown in that flourish, such as withdrawal, combined with a false-edge cut to the hands, striking from above, while stepping with the opposite leg, stepping across the center line with your strike and setting up effective leg cuts. We will then try to compare these elements with your existing system for two-handed swords (typically the Longsword). The goal is for the student to glean greater understanding of their existing system by looking at tactical approaches from Marozzo. These approaches might be integrate-able into their existing system.
The lesson will start with a demonstration and a lecture, followed by paired drills to learn the techniques. The class will end with slow-speed free-play to try out the techniques transmitted (if number of participants and time allow for that).