You’re A Teacher, but Now What? - An Exploration of Teaching Methods || Anna McGarry

Anna McGarry || Austin Historical Weapons Guild

Weapons: None

So you’re a teacher! You have skills and an understanding that set you apart as well as a drive to share your knowledge with those around you. This is a noble pursuit and while enthusiasm goes a long ways, it doesn’t always answer the questions of “What do I teach this week?” or “Why can’t <Insert Sword Student Name Here> understand what I am trying to teach?” It can be daunting to structure a sword program, present material in teachable chunks, or distill down to a set of teaching goals. This workshop aims to demystify, enlighten, and offer all the sweet hacks years of teaching experience can bring. Culture crafting, beginner experience, lesson goals, movement initiation, and how it applies to swinging swords will all be touched upon in this hour long workshop. The concepts presented are designed to spark conversation, new ideas, and refresh one’s practice.