MINI: Body Awareness and Self Care for Martial Arts || Cody Schuler

Cody Schuler || Kulshan HEMA

I have been a massage therapist for 8 years, and beyond that I have tried many martial arts, and still practice a few still, HEMA being one of them. What I notice in my work, and with people I train with is a lack of understanding of why they are in pain, or how they might recover quicker between training sessions. Most of the time it's a lack of understanding of how their body even works on a more complex level, and to properly stretch and troubleshoot pain, or tight areas. I want to help give more people the knowledge on how to take care of themselves and be the best them they can be in a martial arts setting.

I will be mainly focusing on HEMA in terms of the self care such as the body mechanics of holding a sword, and where you might want to focus your time stretching to maintain your training level. Or even just teaching people how when muscle groups aren't achieving full range of motion, they are missing out on a lot of power or reach. I want to go over as much stuff in as little time as possible, I normally only get 10 mins with clients to explain a lot of this so I will be right at home with a 15 min time limit.

Some of the things I have done in my life of movement is, Gymnastics (Vault,Tumbling), Parkour instructor, Bouldering, LongSword, Ringen, Dagger, Jiujitsu, Karate, and TKD. With 8 years of Massage experience working with Physical Therapits and Olympic athletes. I have spent a long time learning how to best help athletes.