MINI: Body Awareness Past Proprioception || Christian Buettner

Christian Buettner || Maryland KDF

Weapons: None

This workshop is designed to teach people to be more aware of the body parts involved in footwork and how to actively think about them. It is designed to teach how to isolate body parts without forgetting to use the rest. And how to use that understanding to effectively generate power, to do contra-body movement positions, to control measure and apply fuehlen. This is all done without a weapon in order to force people to think about their body without it and because swords are often a distraction, particularly for beginners.

All of this is accomplished through practices, drills, techniques, methods developed for waltz. Since, their is limited pedagogy around this topic in HEMA I'm drawing on years of dance instruction where their is a lot of pedagogy, as well as some fundamental biology, neurology.