MINI: Dragoons, Unlans, and Hussars: Dismounted Defense in the Napoleonic Wars || James Hsu

James Hsu || Lonin

Weapons: Saber

This introductory workshop aims to teach both novice and scholar about Charles Roworth’s “Art of Defense on Foot”, a manual that was first published in 1796 by Roworth and introduced along with the adoption ofnthe 1796 Light and Heavy Cavalry sabre, as well as the Royal Navy Pattern 1804 Boarding Cutlass. You’ll be given the basics of Roworth’s 6-cut cutting circle, how to parry with a curved sabre as opposed to a longsword or backsword, wards and guards, basic footwork for both the fencing ring and the theoretical battlefield. This workshop will use the 4th Edition of the Roworth manual, published 1824, which is the final summation of all of Charles Roworth’s techniques.