MINI: The Drei Wunder Dance! || Sigmund Werndorf

Sigmund Werndorf || Los Angeles Historical Martial Arts Society

Weapons: Longsword

The Drei Wunder is first and foremost a fantastic pun of indeterminate origin associated with the early German fencing tradition and Liechtenauer's Zettel. It refers to the three types of basic offensive action with a blade: the thrust, the cut, and the slice. These three actions have also been extrapolated into statements about measure and range as each action has a different optimal range.

The Drei Wunder dance is a paired movement exercise designed to help practitioners internalize the ability to recognize and adjust to the appropriate measure for each of the respective actions. Beyond this value, it is easy to learn, difficult to master and requires an appreciable level of aerobic exertion making it a very good warm up and day to day exercise.

Though designed for Longsword wielders of the early German tradition, it is applicable and useful for cut and thrust weapons, one or two handed, of any martial tradition.