Adaptive Training: Making Your Technique Work with the Body You Have || Kaja Sadowski

Kaja Sadowski || Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly

Weapons: Unarmed, Any

One of the unique challenges of HEMA is figuring out how to take historical techniques with a single, often stylized, illustration and a minimum of text, and make them actually work for the broad range of bodies that exist in the real world. If you've ever found that a "standard" guard in your system gets super painful after an hour of training, or that some cuts really don't work the same for people with breasts, then this workshop is for you!

We'll start with some internal self-assessment tools that you can use to figure out why a particular position or movement doesn't feel good. Is it just new and weird, or is it really not working with your range of motion or your body shape? Is it disagreeing with an injury, disability, or other physical limitation? Once we've built a framework for figuring out why doing a thing sucks, we'll add some ways to try to make it suck less. You'll learn how to make small mechanical adjustments that can make you more comfortable and effective, without compromising the tactical intent or accuracy of a technique. In the last part of the workshop, we'll troubleshoot some specific problems suggested by students, so bring your least favourite and least comfortable movements to share.

This workshop is open to students of all experience levels, and all training backgrounds. Please bring whichever weapon you work with most often. We will not be sparring, but we will be moving around a bunch with our training weapons to better understand how they get along with our bodies.