Stabby Knife Time with Team Valkyrie || Team Valkyrie

Team Valkyrie || Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly

Weapons: Dagger, Knife

Knife fighting is about a lot more than just techniques. Sure, there are lots of different ways to stab someone, but the enormous variety of living knife fighting traditions in the world is defined largely by rhythm, mindset, and how fighters manage the deadly balance between avoiding or mitigating hits, and taking control of the fight. Join the team from Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly for an in-depth exploration of different tactical approaches to knife dueling.

Each of our coaches will introduce you to an aspect of short-blade fighting that exemplifies their approach to the duel. You'll get a lightning-fast introduction to six distinct martial solutions to the same problem, get to workshop and refine your favourites, and then pit them against each other in controlled sparring. This is a collaborative, play-oriented workshop that will build your understanding of the essential elements of every knife fight, and train your ability to adapt and learn under pressure. Spend a couple of hours immersed in the endless possibilities that are available when it comes to stabbing people.

This workshop is open to students of all experience levels and backgrounds. Comfort with light sparring is an asset.