Underhanded Dagger from Down Under: A Modern Approach to the Knife with HEMA Roots || Jude Ledesma

Jude Ledesma || F3 Sword Academy / Straight Blast Gym

Weapons: Dagger

A simple approach to the reversed (ice pick) style dagger grip so prevalent in so many HEMA systems. An exploration of which I believe can greatly benefit HEMA training. Developed by edged weapons expert Raymond Floro, FFS, draws its basis from Kalis Ilustrisimo (a Filipino Martial Art with distinct European Martial Arts influences), Late 19th and early 20th Century Combatives, and Modern Combat Sports.


Rondel Dagger / Edged Dagger / Knife

Adapting a posture similar to those found in the sources, but with a different emphasis.
- Footwork
- Grip

- Angles of Attack
- Unique Arrangement and Priorities
- The "Forward" Thrust
- An Inverted Slash (Not what most would expect.)

- Don't chase the blade
- Turret Defense

- Footwork is King