Walking the Fine Line of Realism || Mike Panian

Mike Panian || Swordfighters Martial Arts and Self Defence

Weapons: Longsword

“If you are too realistic someone gets hurt. Back off and it gets to unrealistic and doesn’t do any good. The basic idea is to strive for realistic technique and feeling with enough structure to ensure safe practice to allow someone to train for many years. Practice should enhance health, not take it away. Because we cannot really fight, everything is a method of practice designed to teach us something you can use in a real fight. So do not lock into the structure or the method of practice and instead search for what the practice is trying to teach you. Control your attacks until your opponent can defend against a real attack. A real attack is a goal in practice not a beginning." ( from the essay "The Relevence of Karate to Everyday Life", by Don DePree)

Designated sparring is when the attacker is chosen ahead of time for each encounter. The rule set and the attack targets are often specifed as well. By doing so, some aspects of sparring become less real while other aspects can be studied intensely. Focusing on Longsword, I am going to share several types of designated sparring that can be utilized for other weapon types as well.