Prepare for a weekend of swords, fighting, and flying trapeze. Join us at SANCA, home of Seattle's Lonin League, for the Pacific Northwest's annual HEMA gathering.

SEPTEMBER 9th - 11th


We will be hosting a series of exciting workshops throughout the weekend, including a 3-part I:33 Sword and Buckler seminar. Learn basic techniques and fundamentals, participate in some intermediate application, and then apply your new skills in an informal round-robin tournament! Taught by Lonin's Alex Hanning. 


This year will feature 4 tournaments: Open Steel, Women's Steel, Beginner's Nylon Longsword, and Ringen.

Bigfoot Brawl

Fighting new people is the best way to test your skills, pick up new techniques, learn where your weaknesses are and build new friendships. We want you to get as many matches as you can possibly squeeze in during the weekend with prizes for most matches fought! More details coming soon. 

Flying Trapeze 

One of the side benifits of having a tournament in a circus school is we can haz flying trapeze! Stick around on Sunday for the chance to go flying through the air in SANCA's big top.