A rough outline of the weekend

Friday 9/8


Nylon Longsword -- Pools, Eliminations, *Finals*
Women's Steel Longsword -- Pools, Eliminations
Open Steel Longsword -- Pools, Eliminations
Ringen -- Pools, *Finals* 

7:00 Flaming Tetherball at Hazzard Factory


  • Fiore's Dagger - Ken Dietiker
  • Time And Relative Defense In Swordplay: Fabris' Book 2 - Clint Fernandes
  • Indian Clubs: a workout for martial artists - Neal Stevenson
  • Earth, Air, Fire, and Water:  Basic wrestling skills for western martial arts - Mike Panian
  • Protecting your Lily-White Honor--Late 19th cen. Italian Dueling Codes and the Advice from Military Fencing Masters - Jim Emmons
  • Lecture- Conditioning for HEMA: How to build a better, stronger, faster fighter - Jon Mills
  • The 5x5: A Framework for Tactical Drilling - Jordan Both, Justin Ring, and Phil Van Humbec
  • Rapier body mechanics - Fran Terminiello
  • Dagger - David Rawlings
  • From Staff to Grips - Ellis Amdur
  • Le Jeu de la Hache - Burgundian Poleaxe - Alex Spreier

Bigfoot Brawl

Semi open -- mostly available for warming up

Saturday 9/9


  • Intro to Italian Rapier: Part 1 (Single Rapier) - Shawn Fackler 
  • Don't tell me it's oberhau: Dussack - David Rawlings
  • Page to Play - Kit    
  • Regressions & Progressions: breaking down and levelling up - Kim Roseblade    
  • Making Durchlauffen Functional - Brent Lambell
  • Introduction to Bolognese Sidesword & Buckler - Fran Terminiello  
  • Coaching in Theory and Practice - Andrew Somlyo 
  • Lashkroba - Further lessons in Georgian Sword and buckler - Mike Cherba  
  • Pugilism: an unarmed martial arts system of the 18th and 19th Centuries - Tim Ruzicki
  • We need a bigger room: Staff - David Rawlings    
  • Cutting Clinic - Tristan Zukowski   
  • Introduction to Italian Rapier: Part 2 (Off-hand Weapons) - Shawn Fackler    
  • Marozzo’s Dagger Defense: A Modern Approach - Kaja Sadowski 
  • Calculated Relentlessness: The Dogma of Liechtenauer's Kunst Des Fechtens - Joseph Brassey 
  • The Jews in HEMA - an historical context - Rebecca Glass
  • Tactics-Based Drilling (With Swords!) - Amanda Trail 
  • Tosses and Takedowns - Mike Panian  
  • Boy Scout Quarterstaff - Kit    
  • Warrior Workout - Kim Roseblade  
  • Time, Distance and the English Longsword - Paul Wagner 
  • Silver's Sword & Buckler - Nathan Barnett

Bigfoot Brawl

Open all day! 

Tournament Finals

Women's Steel
Open Steel

Swordsquatch Shindig

At Counterbalance Brewing Co. 

Sunday 9/10

Bigfoot Brawl 

Open till 12pm

Cutting Party

Open from 11-3


Swashbuckling - Paul Wagner

Round Robin Rapier Tournament 


Bigtop Flying Trapeeeeeze

Open from 12-3