Dagger of Fiore dei Liberi with Eric Artzt

Instructor: Eric Artzt, Lonin || Seattle, WA

The dagger sections of the Fior di Battaglia contain nine sections comprising 76 plays. The well-organized material depicts a transitional system that offers a variety of actions to adapt to various deadly situations, as either the defender or the wielder of the dagger, with or without armor.

The workshop will first look at effective attacking using the dagger, and on countermeasures an attacker can deploy to foil possible defenses. Once we have understood the problem of a determined dagger attack, we will turn to survey the defensive strategies taught in the treatise. We will see how the various plays work together to present a unified system, and how by learning the various reactions, you can defend more effectively against various types of attacks and energies.

Recommended equipment: fencing mask, lightweight gloves, a rondel dagger simulator.