Intro to Georgian Sword and Bucklers

Instructor: Mike Cherba, NW Armizare || Portland, OR

Despite having survived in common use into the 20th century in the highlands of Khevsureti, Georgian sword and buckler is a relatively unknown style in North America. While many elements of this art will look familiar to practitioners of other sword and buckler systems cultural and environmental pressures have made the core of the system substantially unique.

After a brief rundown on the history of the system the workshop will focus on learning the basic guards and striking mechanics of Georgian sword and buckler. These will then be practiced in partner drill with a focus on core techniques and some of the more approachable unique movements in the system.

Required equipment: Cross hilted Palash or Sabre, Shashka, or Arming sword Buckler Fencing mask lightweight gloves

Recommended: Fencing Jacket or Gambeson Gorget Bracers or similar (depending on how sensitive you are to strikes to the forearm)