Body Mechanics for the Rapier Fighter with Kaja Sadowski

Instructor: Kaja Sadowski, Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly || Vancouver, BC

Building up a good body of techniques is important to any rapier student, but your lunges, cuts, disengages, and parries need a strong biomechanical foundation to be effective. 

In this workshop, we'll build functional body mechanics from the ground up -- from fluid, balanced footwork to a relaxed and flexible grip. You'll learn how to use body position and structure to support every martial action you take, and to address common mechanical issues that reduce your power, range, and mobility. We'll also spend some time specifically on the mechanics of the sword arm to make it easier for you to train for longer without pain or muscle fatigue, and to prevent common shoulder injuries. 

This workshop is suitable for rapier fighters of any level, from beginners who are looking to build a strong and healthy foundation for their learning, to experienced fighters that want to increase their speed, efficiency, and endurance. 

Requirements: rapier, the gloves/hand protection you usually wear