The Sweeps: Defending from below with Ken Dietiker

Instructor: Ken Dietiker, Seven Swords Academy || Lakewood, WA

Is Vom Tag or Poste di Donna your “comfort” starting guard? Do you usually find yourself working defenses from the shoulder? Or are you just unconfident with how to use the Low-guards? Don’t be predictable! Know more guards! 

The Low-guards are the Key-guards, and sweeping is their function! As an introduction to The Sweeps, students will be starting from the low forward-guards (such as Alber, Nebenhut, Boar’s Tooth and/or Middle Iron Door). This workshop will explore the effective use of these stable guards, specifically using the false-edge rising cuts as defensive counters to all overhand attacks. These defensive postures include quick, built-in counter actions that apply immediate and effective ripostes. Because, as everyone knows, every good defense must include its riposte to take back advantage, put the opponent on the defensive and/or finish the fight quickly. Even the Sweeps!

Concepts include; Off-line footwork, the “Small Pass”, Beat Parries, Half-time Tempos, Invitations (Drei Wunder), Dodging, The Set-up, applying Meyer’s Four Openings, an uncommon Flugelhau, some tactical considerations, comparison to grappling, and a few other odds and ends (time permitting). Expect a lot of drills and light to moderate contact. Recommended for advanced students. 

Requirements: A Longsword, protective gloves and a facemask, minimum.