Dominating the opponent's sword in Italian swordplay with Clinton Fernandes

Instructor: Clinton Fernandes, Academie Duello || Vancouver, BC

Come armed with skill and determination and Grace, Too

To be able to control a sword is to be able to wound your opponent while they are unable to wound you. Applying the principle allows a fencer of any description to close distance with another. It is a pillar of Italian fencing whose application provides a beautiful elegance to fencing and is a vital part of any practice.

In this workshop we’ll examine the mechanical advantages of controlling a sword and then put them to use through a series of exercises that will hone the principles and provide a framework for practice and freeplay.

Extra topics, time permitting, will focus on predicting an opponent’s attacks and employing a strategy that can handle all of them elegantly.

Students should come with the goal of learning and applying those principles and leaving with a set of exercises to help them practice and refine their skills.

Though a rapier-focussed workshop the principles apply to any edged-sword. Longsword and sidesword practitioners are welcome to participate with those swords.