Rapier Sparring Tactics with Kaja Sadowski

Instructor: Kaja Sadowski, Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly || Vancouver, BC

A fight is so much more than just an exchange of blows, or a series of techniques and counters. It's a conversation between the fighters, with its own language, and with serious consequences to miscommunication.

This workshop will focus on the body language and rhythm of a fighting engagement, and teach you how to use your opponent's non-verbal cues, movement style, and habits against them. We'll start by exploring how to read your opponent, and to quickly understand the "language" of their movement and fighting approach. From there, we'll look at the movement patterns and rhythms that fighters create, and how they can be reinforced or broken to control the tempo of a fight. We'll finish by looking at the psychological and mechanical ingredients for a successful feint, and learn how to deceive even a very experienced opponent through timing and body language. 

This workshop is suitable for all rapier fighters with sparring experience, and is recommended for anyone who spars or competes regularly.

Requirements: rapier, mask, gorget, gloves; class will be a mix of slow work/partnered drilling and sparring