September 7-9, 2018

School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts || Seattle, WA


Swordsquatch is three days of Historical Martial Arts workshops, competition, and camaraderie in the Georgetown district of Seattle. Fight. Learn. Make friends, then fight them!

Swordsquatch is hosted by Lonin League on behalf of the HEMA Alliance. We are doing our part to Keep Seattle Weird. Join us for a uniquely Pacific Northwest HEMA experience!


Please read both waivers before completing your registration. Physical copies will be provided with your welcome packet for you to sign. The registration form is included in the checkout process. 

Open Steel and Women's Steels will be using a NEW Continuous Sparring Ruleset. 

>>>>>>>> READ THE RULES <<<<<<<<<

The new rules are 90% locked in but we will continue testing and iterating over the coming months. Final Rules subject to change through July 1st  

Ringen tournaments will be judged using the PDX Ringen rules. >>>> Ringen <<<<
Nylon will be judged using the PDX Beginner's Nylon ruleset.   >>>> Nylon <<<< 

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note: registration can be refunded up to 45 days before the event.