TLDR: We’re doing continuous sparring this year. It’s gonna be super fun. Come play with us.

Swordsquatch is built on the foundation of bold experimentation and serving our community. In that spirit we are changing up our longsword tournament this year and rolling out a new “continuous sparring” rule set. Every tournament rule set has different variables, limitations and skills that it tests. This approach set gives tournament participants the opportunity to explore new components of their game, have more exchanges with their opponents and guarantees a set length of time in the ring.

The road ahead is packed. We will be hosting a teeny tiny test tournament, reviewing feedback from the participants and refining our ruleset. We will continue to test methods of judging training, variations to match format and iterate on score keeping. As the tournament approaches we will be sharing the survey questions with our fighters and start an early dialogue about what we are hoping to achieve with this event. We hope that every participant will approach this tournament as a new way of testing their skills and an opportunity to contribute to the HEMA community at large as we share the results of this event.

We are hella committed to being transparent through this whole process and excited to share the results of this experiment with the HEMA community. We will be publicly posting the unabridged feedback from tournament participants, and wholeheartedly encourage everyone to respond candidly, it’s anonymous, don’t worry.  

Whether your experience is challenging, uncomfortable, eye opening, invigorating and/or revelatory, we want to know and be there with you. Please join us in this experiment and let's go on this adventure together. Go TEAM SQUATCH!

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