Want to help out? 


We are changing how we structure our volunteers this year. We are now only taking volunteers that are able and excited to help for the entire event. We are happy for our volunteer crew to attend one or two workshops, but will be expecting you to spend the majority of your time working the event. Volunteers will have free admission. 


This year we are only accepting judges that are not fighting in any tournaments and are able to commit to attending a minimum of two judging workshops (one of which must be the August or September workshop) Judges will receive free admission. 

Please fill our the form and we will contact you directly with more information.

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If you are in need of financial assistance we have a limited number of scholarships available. Scholarships will be announced by July 1st.

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Pretty much tell us why you think you qualify for a scholarship. What do you bring to HEMA/Swordsquatch, why you need the scholarship, what you hope to get from attending Swordsquatch, etc. Bonus points if you you include Squatch puns or limericks.